woensdag 30 december 2015

2015 Aviisi

Aviisi is the magazine of the Dutch-Finnish Association. I am happy my photos and text about my artist in residency in Kemijärvi 2014 is published in the Autumn issue of Aviisi. One of the photos made the cover. Nice to see the text in both Dutch and Finnish.

2014 Last day

The end of September was getting colder, some frost in the morning. Then the day before our departure it started snowing and a lot, at least for a Dutch person.
We drove out of town just to see the snow in the forrest.
Snow on the yellow leaves of the birches, I had never seen that before, really beautifull.

2014 Series

I use my camera as a sketch book, taking a lot of photographs of structures and details in the landscape. Here are some of them, you can find more on my website: www.mirandavissers.nl.


birch bark

2014 Kilpisjärvi-Kemijärvi

I was very happy we took the time to travel so far, to such a remote place to see these Ruska colours. I believe it was at its best and the weather was great also. But we had to move back to the residency to do some work, finnish the exhibitions and visit some friends.
Some last pictures on the way back.

2014 Mount Saana

We had a walk on Mount Saana, a bit cold and windy but amazing to see how much colour the dwarf birchtrees added to the landscape.

2014 Ruska Kilpisjärvi

In Levi we could see the Northern Lights from our hotel room, not the best view but still impressive.
The next morning we drove to Kilpisjärvi, and here we could see the change of colours in the landscape.